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Executive Team Membership: by invitation,  dues are payable in two installments

This level of membership is by invitation only and is limited to 17 members. At this elite level, you will play a key role in combining individual donations to support candidates for office, spearhead initiatives, manage philanthropic decisions and direct events to encourage others to give as part of your own personal political network.


Joining our executive team entitles you to:


• Invaluable opportunities for coaching and networking in our inner circle of powerful women, Policy Makers with vast political, business and professional experience;


• Help set agenda for the year and be featured as a sponsor of one of our Executive Forum luncheons to increase your visibility and create opportunities for all executives


• Attend private meetings with key leaders from across the country and occasionally facilitate these meetings


• Have a seat at the table with policy makers, community leaders and others to have your voice heard about issues and policices that will move our country and communities forward;

• Learn how to leverage your resources and those of your network to win elections in California and across the country

• Receive VIP treatment on WLVV’s annual visits to Washington, D.C. and Sacramento and have input on coordinating agendas and meetings for these trips (travel expenses not included)

• Submit names of your favorite nonprofits to compete for WLVV grants

• Admission to all of our Executive Forum and Executive Roundtable luncheons 

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Executive Team Members:
Janet Braun
Ellen Daigle
Dr. Yolanda Gorman
Sheila Grether Marion
Lena Louise Kennedy
Beverley Morgan Sandoz
Carolyn Williams
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